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Load Up! Load Up! YeeeHaa!

Wake up to the sound of the river, go back to sleep. Later make a special effort to get up, it is that bacon aroma that finally gets you moving. Breakfast is made in the boma, as much as you like, serve yourself camp-style. Yak to whoever you meet, everybody is friendly.

At somewhere around nine or ten the guides will give a safety and "how to" lecture to the intrepid expedition members. If you have never canoed before they tell you how, all in ten minutes!

Pick a canoe, life jackets, paddles, 42ltr icebox and four buckets per canoe. Some canoes are in better condition than others, not important. I once asked for a discount if I used my own canoe and was told "No, rather bend Felix's canoes than your own." Most have been "bent" at some stage!

Load up your canoe, fill the buckets with your gear and the icebox with plenty of liquids and free ice. No glass bottles allowed. Four day trips are not resupplied, six day trips are resupplied with drinks and ice when the four-day trippers are taken back to base-camp. Valuables, car keys and cell phones are locked away safely.

After all that action everybody gets into their canoes and paddles out into the great unknown. YeeeHaa!

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