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Follow The Leader - Safety On the River

Every group of happy campers who go down the River are lead by a guide and an assistant guide. They know what the state of the river is and where the best lunch and overnight camp sites are. These bods are all qualified and are certified by the Southern African River Guides Association, or something along those lines. They know what they are doing and in all of my trips have all been very pleasant to be with.

Before setting off on the mighty river they give a short safety talk and if somebody needs a hint or two on how to do something they sort it out. Safety is high on the agenda but is not so over-done as to spoil the adventure. Everybody has a life-jacket and it is always worn when shooting rapids and plastic-strap sandals are worn to protect your feet in the rocky river. A lot of people who do the trip have never even been in a canoe before in their lives! They all seem to survive and there are a lot of repeaters. I have been down six times, my wife four times and I have lost count of my daughters trips.

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