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Nothing Beats An Evening In The Desert!

After a "hard days paddling" pull your canoe up on the bank, grab a Castle or Windhoek Lite, rip it open and sink the beer. Un-fold your folding chair, the kind that has a can holder in the arm rest, and relax! This could be the best part of a great day!

Do not leave your chair unattended if there are Swiss bankers in the group, they will "borrow it" without interest. However, Swiss oncologists and microbiologists are most friendly.

Everybody does their own thing, pump up inflatable mattresses, float in the river with a can of Coke chatting in a small group, walk up a hill to see what is on the other side, paddle across the river, have another beer or just sit and look at the sunset. Food will be served, people will yak, then slowly over a few hours disappear into their sleeping bags spread out over a hundred metres or more. Watch the stars watching you!

Remember!    Google "Captain Morgan's Orange River Canoe Adventure"