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Sjambok Rapid - Most Capsizes!

The Orange River section that we did is not extreme, in fact it is at most a moderate paddle. There are some rough spots where people capsize but that is usually because the guides hype the fast-flowing Sjambok rapid up a bit. A sjambok (pronounced shambok) is called a bull-whip in Texas. It is the worst for capsizing but is made even scarier by the diabolical guides horror stories. If you do capsize it is no problem as the water near the edge of the river flows very slowly or even has a small counter-current. Just pull the waterlogged canoe towards the bank and bail it out, all will be well. The guides are very helpfull. You can get some great photos of your boss! Sjambok is not a big rapid but does have a very nasty way of tossing one out of the canoe. It is a single standing wave running diagonally across the river. This angle takes people by surprise. Now that you know that it is not so bad you can cruise it like a pro.

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