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Sandefjord - Relaunching day
Durbans Floating Crane in Attendance

The Sandefjord was built in Norway in 1913 for use as a sailing rescue boat, a redningsskoyte, so could take a beating! It was bought by Patrick Cullen in 1993 in Durban. His brother Barry, a merchant navy officer, got interested in the circumnavigation and so the project got going. Sande, as she was popularly known, was refitted on the quayside in Durban and after a very thorough 15 month refit, set sail with a jolly crew, Patrick Cullen, Barry Cullen, Tim Magennis, Wally Stright, Mary Clayton and Fanie Louw. Mary later left the boat in the Galapagos and Jenny De Wet joined in Australia.

The owners who sold the boat to Patrick remain something of a mystery. The story goes that they were attempting to sail her from Durban to Port St. Johns to take aboard two or three ANC bigwigs and deliver them to some foreign country. From high in his beach-front apartment block Patrick noticed that the crew were having a difficult time sailing the boat in the strong SW 'Buster' that was blowing and called the Port Captain's Office, who sent a small tug to tow the boat in. Further enquiry enabled Patrick to purchase Sande for the proverbial song from the lawyers handling her. Nelson Mandela was not yet in prison so it is quite possible that he may have been one of the intending passengers! If you have any info please enlighten us all!


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