William Glyndwr Morgan - Ship's Captain.
I am the sum of my experiences, plus lots of genes!


* Born in Boksburg in the old Transvaal on 9th July 1945. Can't get more South African than that!

* Went to school in Newcastle, Natal. My father was a mechanical engineer working on the Amcor blast furnaces, my mother taught at junior school and was a member of the Black Sash, not too popular with the Nats. I played 2nd team rugby, swam for the school and sailed on the local dam. Did hunting, shooting, fishing type of things. Matriculated in 1963 without much distinction. The Army did not want me.

* Attended the General Botha Nautical Academy at Gordon's Bay in 1964. Picked up Second Prize for Seamanship and the Character Prize, a bit of a surprise that one!

* Went to sea with Safmarine for some years on various cargo ships, reefers and an oil tanker. Saw a lot of ports in Europe, the USA, the Far East and some other places. That was pure adventure until I sailed with some real alkies and the adventure ran out.

* Decided to change the world and do Town and Regional Planning at Wits University. Left after two years with lots of friends, experience in mountain climbing, dinghy sailing. Had fun but they wouldn't give me a degree. The world did not change.

* Joined Barlows and sold Caterpillar Tractors in the Northern Transvaal and Swaziland. Now that is fun, made some money and saw a lot of our beautiful country but decided that I am not one of those salesmen guys! Ever seen the play "Death of a Salesman"?

* Did some time sailing a Unicorn coaster between Durban and Cape Town.

* Worked in a yacht shop in Cape Town called Wilbur, Ellis Co. for about three years. Did a lot of sailing. Met my wife, got married.

* Working in a yacht shop is not very financially rewarding for a married man, so I rejoined Safmarine and was with them until their big break-up some years ago. Their bulk carriers were sold to a Greek company and I went with them.


* I live in Cape Town with my wife. We have two great daughters, both out of the house.

* Fairly fit, swim ok, canoe on the Orange River with my wife, walk in the mountains with friends. Healthy, HIV negative, medium height, blue eyes, some hair.

* Sociable, like talking to people with interesting backgrounds. Not too political but not ignorant in that department. Good general knowledge, musically dumb.

* I believe that I have a sense of humour, much needed at sea lately. Check on it here "Humour".

* I drive a Toyota Condor van. Don't drink too much, don't smoke, DO NOT DO DRUGS.

* Presently Master of Cape Size bulk carriers trading world-wide. Most of the crew I sail with are Ukrainians. Looking forward to doing some traveling to far off places, meeting new friends and checking in on old ones.

I am Glyn Morgan, Ship's Captain, just an ordinary guy.

PS: The above blurb got me on to the Survivor Panama TV show short list!