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Chilled Slimmers    -   Pst…. Fat Is Ugly

By Glyn Morgan

The Theory

This is a no-holds-barred say-it-like-it-is page on my method of how to lose weight. It worked for me so it can work for you! And if you think that I am crazy, join the club! The theory that goes like this....

1/Fat is stored energy...
2/Your body uses energy to stay warm in the cold....
3/So if you want to lose weight just exercise in the cold!
4/Keeping warm while you exercise will use up lots of energy and fat.....
5/You get fit while losing loads of FAT!!  Pssst.... fat is ugly.
6/The colder-the-better but be careful, take all precautions necessary.
7/Of course you must eat sensibly, cut excess fat off your meat and eat lots of crunchy steamed vegetables and fresh fruit. Do not eat any chicken skin, it is the most fattening food on earth! Drink plenty water but don't overdo it. Check what Professor Tim Noakes said......
8/The first 30 seconds or so of exercise uses energy that is stored in the muscles. No slimming is done in these first 30 secs. The next 20 minutes of exercise uses energy that is stored in the blood. No slimming is done in these first 20 minutes. After that the energy used is from long term reserves such as YOUR FAT. Some slimming done after the first 20 minutes of high-heart-rate exercise, but not as much as you would hope for, something else must be done. Add cold air!

The Method

Total time:  At least 30 minutes. If possible twice a day.
You need:    Shorts, trainers and thin cotton gloves if you use weights.
Weights:      Max 3kg for high repetition exercises.
Safety:         Take all sensible safety precautions. Exercise with a friend in cold temps.

1/ Warm-up in room temperature. 5 minutes.
2/ Move to a cool area. 5 minutes.
3/ Do some  "high energy/high repetition" exercises at the lowest temp that you can, sub-zero is great. 10 minutes. I found that a ship's meat or fish room is great at -10 degrees C.
4/ Then normalise with some easy exercises back at room temp.

The Story

I flew to Korea to join the new-build cape-sized bulk carrier "Eternus" in mid-May. I weighed myself before leaving home, 86kg. For Americans reading in that is 189½Lb, for Brits reading in that is 13½ Stone and for apothecaries reading in that is 66¼ Scruples, which was way  too much. I had been 76kg for years and years and I had suddenly increased weight over the last couple of years. Then before joining the ship some of us stayed in a hotel in Cheongyong, South Korea for month checking on a new-build in the Sungdong shipyard. I put on another 2kg in that month! 

Too much of the good life! I had to reduce my bulk! Fat is UGLY! Fat is NOT HEALTHY! Fat is just YUK! I felt LOUSY! So after we sailed I leapt into action with my theory and exercised in the ship's refrigerated chambers!! Success!! I did it!! I lost 8kg in 3½ months to get back to a better weight, shape and feel!! I need to be fit to walk on Table Mountain in Cape Town.

The idea that you can reduce weight by exercise is faulty. Weight can even go up as you convert fat to muscle. If your weight does go down it will be by a small amount and then with huge amounts of exercise. The fastest way to lose weight is to starve yourself! We can all agree that that is not a good idea and it can lead to all sorts of medical complications such a anorexia and other diabolical conditions. So what do you do?

This is where my theory comes in!! Find a spare cold store and lose loads of FAT! Think about it and it will make sense, no clichés, no fast talk, nothing but fact! And it is for FREE!!

This is not one of those fat-farm, get rich schemes. I make no impossible promises and do not expect miracles. When you reach your target let me know the details and I will post your success on this site. Good luck and have a happy fat-hacking time!

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PS2:          Give this whole tinzy bit crazy scheme a Japanese name and it will catch on like Sudoku! Let me know when you find a suitably mystical name!

A broad observation.  Pst…. Fat is ugly!