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This web site was first flashed up in 1999 AD, which in web-terms is almost prehistoric! I had worked with computers for some years on ship loading and stability so it was a natural progression to a web page. Blogs had not been invented then. There were so few web sites in the search engines that mine went straight to the top, and has stayed a top-of-the-page site in Google ever since. I took this first lunge at making a web after an epic voyage around Cape Horn as Master on the "Kalahari" a big, fat oily-rag of a bulk carrier. We had a braai (South African barbecue) in mid-winter going the "wrong" way around Cape Horn, Atlantic to Pacific, wind was SW Force 4 (numerous white caps, choppy) and temp +5 deg C, prime braai weather for The Horn! The crew were so enthusiastic that I decided to share the braai and my sea-life with whoever was interested.

After a few years the site got a bit dusty and needed a rejuvination. I had also got hold of a Dream Weaver program (now a bit old itself!) and rebuilt the site. To maintain my Google status I had to maintain the old bits so as to not desturb the Google keywords, so I put the old pages into a folder "Captain Morgans Classic Home Page" and put any new pages into a folder called "Cameo Webs". These feature whatever interests me. I have not edited the site for three years so it is about time that I rekindilled the site! Cheers!

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